New solutions to a generalized fifth-order KdV like equation with prime number p=3 via a generalized bilinear differential operator

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In this research, the generalized Hirota bilinear strategy (GHBS) by the number prime p=3 is applied. This strategy is advertised to explore for a kind of knot arrangement and three classes of interaction arrangements according to a unused combination of positive quadratic capacities, trigonometric capacities and hyperbolic capacities to the (2+1)-dimensional generalized fifth-order KdV (GFOKdV) like equation with applications within the quantum field hypothesis, feebly nonlinear dispersive water waves and nonlinear optics. By choosing arbitrarily the extraordinary values of free parameters, the lump arrangement, interaction wonders and single occasional wave arrangements are appeared distinctive designs. The detailed comes about might play an vital part within the quantum field hypothesis and nonlinear optics for clarifying the physical meaning of the examined demonstrate. he gotten comes about too illustrate that the GHBS is more competent than the other connected strategy connected by creators within the writing. Hence, it is appeared that the connected strategy gives a more capable scientific instrument for developing correct traveling wave arrangements for numerous other nonlinear advancement conditions emerges in scientific material science and nonlinear optics. All arrangements have been confirmed back into its comparing condition with the help of maple bundle program. We delineated the physical clarification of the extricated arrangements with the free choice of the diverse parameters by plotting a few 2D and 3D outlines. © 2023 The Author(s)


Anahtar Kelimeler

Generalized Fifth-Order Kdv Like Equation, Interaction, Lump Solutions, The Generalized Hirota Bilinear Strategy


Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics

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