A rare case of a nasal cavity fungus ball due to Aspergillus niger

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Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

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Background and Purpose: Fungus Ball (FB) is a non-invasive fungal infection caused mainly by Aspergillus species. It can occur after root canal treatments are applied to the teeth adjacent to the maxillary sinus. These balls are commonly seen in the paranasal sinuses and rarely observed in the nasal cavity. This report attempted in to highlight such a rare case of fungal infection which requires accurate observation. Moreover, it highlights the importance of careful microbiological and histopathological examinations that were combined with imaging and can lead to a definitive diagnosis. Case report: Herein, we report a rare case of a FB found in the vicinity of the nasal cavity of a 73-year-old male patient. Microbiological examination supported by radiographic and histopathological results indicated that the FB is due to Aspergillus niger. Excised surgery was done to the FB area, and the patient was referred to the post-operation room with the proper recommendations. After the wound healed, the total denture was performed as requested by the patient, and his overall oral health was improved. Conclusion: In this article, we report the first case of a rare FB in the vicinity of the nasal cavity of a 73-year-old male patient. The appropriate investigation is an essential step in the diagnostic process for these infections and requires effective communication and collaboration. © 2022 Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. All rights reserved.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Aspergillosis, Aspergillus Niger, Fungus Balls, Nasal Cavity


Current Medical Mycology

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