The Relationship of REG1A and Ki67 Expression with Prognostic Parameters in Breast Carcinomas

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Objective: Invasive breast carcinoma is the most common cancer in women. Literature data on REG1A expression in breast carcinoma was limited. Our study aimed to investigate the relationship between REG1A and Ki67 expressions with prognostic factors that might affect clinical behaviour and disease-free survival in invasive breast carcinomas. Methods: Patients diagnosed with invasive breast carcinoma at the Dr. Lütfi Kirdar Kartal Training and Research Hospital Pathology Clinic and followed up in the Oncology Clinic be- tween 2007–2011 were included in our study. Patient records, oncology files, all pathological slides, paraffin blocks were examined are and evaluated. The most appropriate blocks were then selected for immunohistochemical analysis. Results: Our study included 104 cases of primary invasive breast carcinoma. The age of patients ranged between 24–95, and the mean age was 53.9±14.8. All cases were female. There was a statistically significant correlation between vascular invasion, histological grade, metastasis, ER, PR, c-erbB2 and REG1A exspression in breast carcinoma. In addition, there was a statistically significant correlation between tumor size, vascular invasion, metastasis, ER, PR, c-erbB2 and Ki67 exspression in breast carcinoma. Conclusion: In conclusion, identifying new prognostic parameters, one of which is REG1A, might have a role in the prediction of prognosis and development of new treatment strategies.


Anahtar Kelimeler


Southern Clinics of Istanbul Eurasia

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