An investigation on employees’ methods of coping with stress in the COVID-19 outbreak process

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The uncertainty, change and concerns brought by the pandemic threaten the psychological wellbeing of employees and make them more prone to experience high levels of stress. Increased demands and decreased control and resources due to conditions entailed by the pandemic, elevate stress levels of employees. Investigation of the nature of the stress that employees face and its links with the possible ways that can be utilized for coping, become crucial for understanding and managing the negative psychological outcomes of the pandemic. Built on Demand–Control Model and Job Demands–Resources Theory, study investigates the stress levels, preferred forms of coping responses and their links with stress in this unique period. Additionally, study aims to describe what kind problems and stressors employees face during the pandemic and what forms of actions they take for coping with them. 146 employees working in various sectors (majority of them in the health care sector) consisted the sample of the study. The research tools are approved by Istinye University Social and Human Sciences Research Ethics Committee. Confirmatory factor analysis provided adequate fit indexes for the measures of the study. High reliabilities were calculated for the dimensions of the measures. Results of correlation and path analysis emphasized the mitigating effect of positive reappraisal on stress levels as it was demonstrating the highest correlation with stress and was the single significant predictor in the path analysis when all coping responses and control variables were taken together. However, the highest levels of coping responses used by employees were logical analysis and problem solving. Opinions and perceptions of employees about distance working and their concerns and coping methods regarding the changes the pandemic brought into their lives were addressed at the end of the study. Study provides useful information for institutions, organizations and policy makers to establish effective preventative and protective managerial practices to cope with the negative psychological consequences of the pandemic.


Anahtar Kelimeler


Turkish Studies

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ÇETİN M,DÖNMEZ A,TÜRKKAN F (2020). An Investigation on Employees’ Methods of Coping with Stress in the COVID-19 Outbreak Process. Turkish Studies (Elektronik), 15(6), 323 - 338.