The Practices Used by Mothers to Infantile Colic and Their Perceptions on the Benefits of The Practices

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Objective: This study investigated the practices used by mothers of babies with infantile colic to reduce infantile colic and the mothers’ perceptions on the effectiveness of these practices.Materials and Methods: The sample of this descriptive study consisted of the mothers of 257 babies aged 4-12 months who were being monitored by two Family Health Centres in Istanbul. The data of the study was collected through a 26-item questionnaire on which the mothers could mark the t practices they used to reduce infantile colic.Results: The methods that were found the most useful based on the perception of the mothers were the mother’s avoid-ance of consumption of foods and drinks that produce gas (97%), chancing positions (96.7%), massage (95.7%), listen-ing to the sound of a hair dryer (95.2%) and warmth treat-ment to the abdomen (91.7%).Conclusion: Consequently, the mothers performed effective and valid practices. However, it was found that the fre-quency of performing some practices that have high utilisa-tion rates was low. Accordingly, it would be useful to inform the mothers of babies who are at the ages of 2 weeks-4 months at the time of their paediatric health monitoring about the effective and easily performed practices for reduc-ing colic.


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