Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale-2 Turkish Reliability and Validity Study

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Objective: This paper aims to adapt Gudjonsson suggestibility scale-2 (GSS-2) which is an objective measurement for measuring individuals susceptibility to interrogative suggestibility into Turkish. Methods: GSS-2 scale translated into Turkish and then backtranslated. Then form is applied to 175 participant whose age ranged from 19 to 36. GSS-2 applied to participants by the researchers. In GSS-2 a story regarding to bicycle accident read to the participants. GSS-2 include immediate recall and delayed recall which is after 45 minutes and formal questioning part which include suggestible questions and negative feedback part. Participants answer the questions about the story they heard during the study. Participants also filled the dissociative experiences scale, submissive act scale, and cognitive failure questionnaire for construct validity. Statistical analysis were performed using SPSS 21 and Lisrel 8.80. Results: Results of the descriptive analysis showed that the mean score for accurate information recalled and confabulation after immediate recall is 14.99 and 3.23 respectively. For the delay recalled mean score for the accurate information is found 14.42 and 4.03 for confabulation after delayed recalled. For suggestibility scores mean scores are found to be 5.25 for yield 1 score; 6.66 for yield 2 score; 4.1 for shift score and the mean score for the total suggestibility is 9.35. The cronbach alpha values of the subscales of the scale were calculated 0.713 for yield 1, 0.812 for yield 2, 0.600 for shift score. Confirmatory factor analysis failed that yield 1 factor found to be unidimensional in accordance with the original, however, shift factor did not show unidimensional properties, that some questions did not fit the factor structure.. There was no significant relationship between GSS-2 scores and the other scales determined for construct validity. Conclusion: The results are discussed in comparison with GSS-2 adaptations in different languages. The study results suggest that culture and language factors may be effective in witness memory and suggestibility. There is need for further studies regarding to Turkish form of GSS-2.


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