Nanobiotechnological approaches for breast cancer Management: Drug delivery systems and 3D In-Vitro models

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The science of nanotechnology has been proposed as a factor of main change in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment. The challenges in common clinical treatment of breast cancer can be dominate by proof targeting of cancer cells by nanoscale drug delivery system. Due to specific properties of nanoparticles such as biocompatibility, minimum toxicity, excellent stability, multifunctional encapsulations of therapeutic agents, increased in permeability and retention effect, selective and proof targeting, they can apply for cancer therapy. Multidrug resistance to many of chemotherapy drugs is one of the main challenges in conventional chemotherapy that can be overcome by nanoparticles. However, in vivo and in vitro studies is limited in this field, and the number of approved nano formulation drugs has not increased significantly over the years. Successful clinical translation of nanomedicines is arduous requiring considerable preclinical tests. Two-dimensional (2D) monolayer cell cultures and in vivo animal models, which are routinely used for cancer research and drug discovery/screening seem inadequate. To address this challenge, biomimetic in vitro three-dimensional (3D) tumor models like spheroids, organoids, scaffolds/hydrogels, bioprinted, and microfluidic chips have been established using the breast tumor engineering approach. Taking the physiopathology of the breast cancer microenvironment into account, such models have the potential to enhance disease modeling and preclinical drug/nanomedicine screening. The development of 3D cancer models comprised of the patient's own cancer, stromal, and immune cells can be exploited as a promising preclinical platform and provide personalized cancer therapy.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Nanocarrier, Drug Delivery, Tumor Targeting, Disease Modeling, 3d Cell Culture, Tumor Spheroids, Microfluidics


Coordination Chemistry Reviews

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