A rapid and direct method for half value layer calculations for nuclear safety studies using MCNPX Monte Carlo code

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Korean Nuclear Society

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Half Value Layer calculations theoretically need prior specification of linear attenuation calculations, since the HVL value is derived by dividing ln(2) by the linear attenuation coefficient. The purpose of this study was to establish a direct computational model for determining HVL, a vital parameter in nuclear radiation safety studies and shielding material design. Accordingly, a typical gamma-ray transmission setup has been modeled using MCNPX (version 2.4.0) general-purpose Monte Carlo code. The MCNPX code's INPUT file was designed with two detection locations for primary and secondary gamma-rays, as well as attenuator material between those detectors. Next, Half Value Layer values of some well-known gamma-ray shielding materials such as lead and ordinary concrete have been calculated throughout a broad gamma-ray energy range. The outcomes were then compared to data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Half Value Layer values obtained from MCNPX were reported to be highly compatible with the HVL values obtained from the NIST standard database. Our results indicate that the developed INPUT file may be utilized for direct computations of Half Value Layer values for nuclear safety assessments as well as medical radiation applications. In conclusion, advanced simulation methods such as the Monte Carlo code are very powerful and useful instruments that should be considered for daily radiation safety measures. The modeled MCNPX input file will be provided to the scientific community upon reasonable request. © 2022 Korean Nuclear Society


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Half Value Layer, MCNPX, Monte Carlo Simulations, Radiation Safety


Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Tekin, H. O., ALMisned, G., Issa, S. A. M., & Zakaly, H. M. H. (2022). A rapid and direct method for half value layer calculations for nuclear safety studies using MCNPX monte carlo code. Nuclear Engineering and Technology, doi:10.1016/j.net.2022.03.037