Synergetic effect of liquid fuel derived from various waste feedstocks on performance, combustion and emission in a compression ignition engine

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Diesel engines being predominant in transportation sector are limited in addressing the sustainable development goals. The pressing need of environmental concern and fossil fuel depletion enforces the research community toward search of alternative fuels. In such context, waste materials have emerged as a promising feedstock for producing sustainable alternatives for diesel, given their abundance and their significance in waste management. Consequently, in this work, the waste feedstocks identified were waste plastics, waste lubrication oil, waste animal fat obtained from tanneries, waste cooking oil and waste tyres. For extraction of oil from these plastics, lube and tyre oil, pyrolysis was used and transesterification process was adopted for extraction of DLF from waste animal fat and waste cooking oil. The collected DLF was given for fuel property testing and found to be at par to utilize in a CI engine. It was then blended with diesel in the form of B80 (80% DLF and 20% diesel) and named as WTO B80, WLO B80, WCO B80, WPO B80 and WAF B80. To identify the differences in various parameters like combustion, performance and emission of CI engine at various engine loads, a bench test of a single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine without engine modification was done. The blend B80 of waste oil is analyzed in this work for its combustion characteristics and emission of various gases like nitrogen oxide (NO), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and smoke. Among various liquid fuels tested, WPO B80 blend resulted in 32.81% BTE with NO emission of 1885ppm. The results also show emission of 67.2% of smoke, 0.18% of CO and 48 ppm of HC. The cylinder peak pressure for WPO B80 was at 72.85 bar and 48.04 J/deg CA peak heat was released, which concludes it as a suitable fuel for diesel engine compared to other fuels without any engine customization.


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Energy Sources Part A-Recovery Utilization and Environmental Effects

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