Efficacy of Transpedal Retrograde Approach in Endovascular Treatment of Patients With Buerger's Disease

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Background. Endovascular treatment of Buerger's disease is challenging, which usually impedes antegrade revascularization options. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of transpedal retrograde approach in patients with Buerger's disease with ambiguous proximal caps and/or previously failed endovascular intervention via antegrade approach. Methods. Eighteen patients with the diagnosis of Buerger's disease who had previously failed antegrade endovascular interventions and/or ambiguous proximal caps were enrolled. Baseline demographic characteristics, severity of critical limb-threatening ischemia, wound scores, postprocedural pedal loop scores, and recovery or amputation rates were recorded. Results. The patients presented with ischemic rest pain (n = 5, Rutherford stage 4), ischemic ulcers with minor tissue loss (n = 8, Rutherford stage 5), and severe ischemic ulcers or gangrene with major tissue loss (n = 5, Rutherford stage 6). Preprocedural wound score according to Saint Elian Wound Score System (SEWSS) was 15.72 +/- 5.05. Retrograde transpedal puncture was achieved with an 89% success rate. Postintervention angiographic success rate was 100%. Postintervention Rutherford stage improved compared with preprocedural Rutherford stages (P<.01). In addition, the average SEWSS score decreased significantly after the interventions (P<.001). Postprocedural pedal loop score was found to be associated with SEWSS scores and amputation rates. Conclusions. Transpedal retrograde approach is a technically feasible and potentially effective treatment modality for Buerger's disease and may be considered as a first-line treatment option in the treatment of limb salvage, especially when proximal caps of target vessels are ambiguous or antegrade approach is unsuccessful.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Buerger's Disease, Critical Limb Threatening Ischemia, Transpedal Retrograde Approach


Journal of Invasive Cardiology

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