Identifying top influential spreaders based on the influence weight of layers in multiplex networks

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Detecting influential nodes in multiplex networks is a complex task due to the presence of multiple layers. In this study, we propose a method for identifying important layers with strong spreaders based on several key parameters. These include a layer's position within a well-connected neighborhood, the number of active edges and critical nodes, the ratio of active nodes to all possible connections, and the intersection of intra-layer communication compared to other layers. To accomplish this, we have formulated a layer weighting method which takes into account these parameters, and developed an algorithm for mapping and computing the rank of nodes based on their spreading capability within multiplex networks. The resulting layer weighting is then used to map and compress centrality vector values to a scalar value, allowing us to calculate node centrality in multiplex networks via a coupled set of equations. Moreover, our method combines the important layer parameters to compute the influence of nodes from different layers. Our experimental results, conducted on both synthetic and real-world networks, demonstrate that the proposed approach significantly outperforms existing methods in detecting high influential spreaders. These findings highlight the importance of using a suitable layer weighting measure for identifying potential spreaders in multiplex networks.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Influential Spreaders, Epidemic Sir Model, Multiplex Networks, Complex Networks


Chaos Solitons & Fractals

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