The examination of the some aspects of the therapeutic environment of psychiatric inpatient clinics in Turkey

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Objective: The aim of the present study was to determine the current status of psychiatry clinics in Turkey in terms of therapeutic environment. Methods: The present study was performed cross-sectionally and descriptively in 195 institutes comprising the psychiatry clinic in Turkey. A survey of 42 questions was used that included the characteristics of clinics obtained by reviewing the literature and listing specialist opinions. Data were collected via telephone between June 25, 2014 and July 15, 2015. Analysis of data was performed using the SPSS 18.0 software. Numbers and percentages were used as descriptive statistics with respect to hospitals. Results: It was found that 63.1% of clinics had 6–10 nurses, 77.9% of them had 1–10 doctors, and 37.4% of them did not have a visit room, whereas 47.2% of them had an occupation room. It was discovered that 99% of clinic activities for patients were performed, 45.6% of them with occupational therapy were not performed, 16.9% of them with occupational therapy were performed, and 57.5% of them with regular sport activities were not performed. It was detected that psychoeducation was not performed in 66.2% of the clinics, whereas it was performed in 33.8% of them. Conclusions: It was observed that when the results of the study were evaluated, there were deficiencies in physical configuration in our country and limited therapeutic activities.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Therapeutic Environment, Physical Environment, Psychiatry Clinic


Clinical and Experimental Health Sciences

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ERGÜN G,IŞIK I,DİKEÇ G (2019). The Examination of the Some Aspects of the Therapeutic Environment of Psychiatric Inpatient Clinics in Turkey. Clinical and Experimental Health Sciences, 9(1), 14 - 20. Doi: 10.5152/clinexphealthsci.2018.790