Circular closed-loop supply chain network design considering 3D printing and PET bottle waste

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One of the most critical pillars of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing technology. This transformative technology has garnered substantial attention due to its capacity to streamline processes, save time, and enhance product quality. Simultaneously, environmental concerns are mounting, with the growing accumulation of plastic bottle waste, offering a potential source of recycled material for 3D printing. To thoroughly harness the potential of AM and address the challenge of plastic bottle waste, a robust supply chain network is essential. Such a network not only facilitates the reintegration of plastic bottle waste and 3D printing byproducts into the value chain but also delivers significant environmental, social, and economic benefits, aligning with the tenets of sustainable development and circular economy. To tackle this complex challenge, a Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) mathematical model is offered to configure a Closed-Loop Supply Chain (CLSC) network with a strong emphasis on circularity. Environmental considerations are integral, and the primary objective is to minimize the overall cost of the network. Three well-known metaheuristics of Simulated Annealing (SA), Genetic Algorithm (GA), and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) are employed to treat the problem which are also efficiently adjusted by the Taguchi design technique. The efficacy of our solution methods is appraised across various problem instances. The findings reveal that the developed model, in conjunction with the fine-tuned metaheuristics, successfully optimizes the configuration of the desired circular CLSC network. In conclusion, this research represents a significant step toward the establishment of a circular supply chain that combines the strengths of 3D printing technology and the repurposing of plastic bottle waste. This innovative approach holds promise for not only reducing waste and enhancing sustainability but also fostering economic and social well-being. © The Author(s) 2024.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Additive Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network, Metaheuristic, Pet Bottle, Sustainable Development


Environment, Development and Sustainability

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