Production of Raphanus Sativus Biodiesel and Its Performance Assessment in a Thermal Barrier-Coated Agriculture Sector Diesel Engine

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Herein, in order to estimate the optimized process specifications, an empirical study is done for biodiesel production, performance of standard and coated engine, combustion, and discharge aspects of Raphanus sativus (radish) biodiesel. Optimization process parameters of biodiesel production are done using the response surface method. The importance of this study is that optimized biodiesel production is used to improve the biodiesel properties and fatty acid content to find suitable vegetable oil as well as a new coating material for sustainable development of the country in the field of agriculture and ecological conditions. The mechanism used in this research work is a coating for internal combustion engine components done with partially stabilized zirconia, aluminum-20% silicon carbide (Al-20%SiC), and titanium dioxide that acts as a ceramic composite settled above the coating that has a thickness of 450 mu m by the technique called air plasma spray for test purpose. To increase the performance of an engine and reduce the emission particles like smoke density, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon except NOx, the partially stabilized zirconia, aluminum-20% silicon carbide (Al-20%SiC) coated engine is used under various compositions of radish biodiesel and clean diesel. To reduce NOx, the engine operation is carried out along with the TiO2 coated combustion chamber steam, and water injection technique is added to overcome the NOx formation. From this study, the resulting factor shows that adding 25% radish biodiesel (B25) and 75% clean diesel shows a reasonable reduction in emissions with comparatively better performance and combustion in the engine under consideration.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Combustion, Optimization Process Parameters, Raphanus Sativus, Response Surface Methods, Thermal Barrier Coatings


Energy Technology

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