Serum galectin-3 and TGF-beta levels in patients with sarcoidosis

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Introduction: Sarcoidosis is a chronic granulomatous disease that develops with non-caseified granu-loma formation. Galectin-3 is a multifunctional protein operating in biological processes such as fibrosis,angiogenesis, and immune activation.Purpose: This study evaluates the levels of serum galectin-3 and TGF-beta in sarcoidosis patients todetermine a possible correlation with clinical findings.Material and method: Forty-four biopsy-proven sarcoidosis patients followed in a single centre and 41age and sex-matched healthy volunteers were included in the study. The levels of serum galectin-3 andTGF-beta were evaluated by ELISA method.Results: Among the 44 sarcoidosis patients, 13(29.5%) were male and 31(70.5%) were female. The averagepatient age was 47.4 and the average disease duration was 3.2 years. The level of serum galectin-3 wasfound to be the same as in the control group and had no significance statistically (p = .977). No correlationwas determined between the level of serum galectin-3 and clinical and laboratory findings of sarcoidosis(p > .05). The level of serum TGF-beta was found to be higher in the sarcoidosis patients when compared tothat of the control group (p = .005). While a correlation was found between serum TGF-beta and enthesitis,sacroiliitis, and arthralgia (p = .006, p = .034, p = .02), no correlation was determined on the other clinicaland laboratory findings (p > .05).Conclusion: While the level of serum galectin-3 was determined to be normal in sarcoidosis patients, ahigh level of serum TGF-beta was found. These findings show that TGF-beta may play an important rolein sarcoidosis pathogenesis and the formation of granuloma.© 2020 Elsevier Espa ?na, S.L.U. and Sociedad Espa ?nola de Reumatolog ?ıa y Colegio Mexicano deReumatolog ?ıa. All rights reserved


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Sarcoidosis, Galectin-3, TGF-beta


Reumatologia Clinica

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Kobak, S., Akyildiz, M., Gokduman, A., Atabay, T., & Vural, H. (2021). Serum galectin-3 and TGF-beta levels in patients with sarcoidosis. Reumatologia clinica, 17(10), 562–565.