Comparative retrotransposon analysis in wheat

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The presence of retrotransposons is associated with polyploidy, especially in wheat, and may cause an increase in genome size. In this study, the evolutionary information was aimed to reveal based on the comparison retrotransposon movements between bread and einkorn wheat. For that reason, the transposition of BARE1, Sukkula and Nikita retrotransposons in bread and einkorn wheat were analysed by using IRAP-PCR molecular marker method. Both monomorphic and polymorphic bands in each wheat species have been demonstrated. IRAP-PCR products of Sukkula retrotransposon was showed as 10 bands in bread wheat, but no bands could be determined in einkorn wheat. Nikita retrotransposon was demonstrated as 6 bands in bread wheat, 14 bands in einkorn wheat. Polymorphism rate was calculated as 81% for Nikita between bread wheat and einkorn wheat. However, the presence of BARE1 were not observed in both species. The obtained findings suggest that Nikita retrotransposon contributes to genome obesity, especially in bread wheat. The failure of Sukkula retrotransposon detection in einkorn wheat indicates that Sukkula may be inserted in the genome of bread wheat by horizontal gene transfer during wheat domestication events. These results may contribute understand the organization of wheat genome during domestication.


Anahtar Kelimeler

BARE1, Bread Wheat, Einkorn Wheat, Nikita, Sukkula


Journal of advanced research in natural and applied sciences (Online)

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ALTINTAŞ, S., Ilgar, B. A., & Karlik, E. (2021). Comparative retrotransposon analysis in wheat. Journal of Advanced Research in Natural and Applied Sciences, 7(3), 369-374.