Female genital aesthetic surgery: comparison of cadaver and live surgery training models

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Objective: In this study, it was aimed to search the efficiency of fresh cadaver course and live surgical operations for female genital aesthetic surgery application. Materials and Methods: Seventy-three obstetrics and gynecology specialists underwent a two-day course about genital cosmetic surgery that includes theoretical lectures, fresh cadavers and live surgeries. These surgeons divided into two group. First group trained on cadavers (n=33), second group was involved in live surgeries (n=40). Skills in genital cosmetic surgery, applied procedures, number of participating colleagues in a procedure, ability to learn and motivations to take the course were compared before and after the training course. At the 6th month of education every trainee were called and interviewed about the progress they got after the education. Results: After the fresh cadaver and live surgery training, numbers of trainees who performed genital cosmetic procedures (GCP) before the course and 6 months after the course were compared. A meaningful increase on numbers of trainees after the course who performed all GCP applications was observed. According to the statistics of participants, it was observed that a live surgical course is more beneficial than a cadaver course. Numbers of trainees who performed genital aesthetic surgery before and 6 months after the course were compared. A meaningful raise was observed in the statistics of trainees’ numbers who performed all surgical applications apart from anterior and posterior compartment repair. Conclusion: Fresh cadaver and live surgical courses have positive effects in the long term for the surgeons who have lack of surgical confidence and skills. © 2022 by the International Society for Pelviperineology / Pelviperineology published by Galenos Publishing House.


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Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery, Fresh Cadaver Courses, Genital Cosmetic Procedures, Live surgical Courses



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Akar, B., Ceylan, Y., Ellibeş Kaya, A., & Çalişkan, E. (2022). Female genital aesthetic surgery: Comparison of cadaver and live surgery training models. Pelviperineology, 41(1), 23-27. doi:10.34057/PPj.2022.41.01.2022-1-2