Late presenting pediatric radial neck fracture: a case report and review of the literature

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Introduction: A pediatric radial neck fracture, when the diagnosis is delayed, is still a challenging problem for the treating orthopedic surgeon. We report a pediatric patient with late presenting radial neck fracture and results of open reduction and fixation with Kirschner wires. Case report: A 13-year-old right-handed girl fell on an out-stretched right arm after being tackled during playing basketball and had a radial neck fracture. However, the diagnosis of her fracture was delayed for 3 weeks. At the first radiologic examination, the anteroposterior and lateral radiographs were showing over 80 degrees of angulation at the radial neck and subluxation of the radiocapitellar joint. We tried to obtain a closed reduction, but we could not succeed. Then, we performed open reduction while preserving medial periosteal continuity and vascular supply of the radial head by meticulous surgical dissection. Sixth-month radiography control and clinical examination confirmed the complete healing of the fracture without any epiphyseal injury. Painless full range of motion without any restriction of pronation and supination was achieved. The patient and her parents were satisfied with the outcome. Conclusions: Even if the diagnosis of pediatric radial fractures is delayed if we can preserve medial periosteal continuity and vascularity of the radial head with open reduction, satisfactory results are obtainable.


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Pediatric, Radial Neck Fracture, Open Reduction, Late Diagnosis


Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports

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Turan, K., Köroğlu, C., & Çabuk, H. (2021). Late Presenting Pediatric Radial Neck Fracture: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Journal of orthopaedic case reports, 11(1), 20–22.