Enhancement of significant colour properties through Ta2O5 incorporation into ZnO-TeO2 binary glasses: An effective method for purposeful utilizations in industry and technology

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The fact that multicomponent glass systems offer tuneable optical properties according to different additive rates increases their potential for use in daily industrial and optoelectronic applications that require high optical and colour performance. Therefore, it is vital to determine the optical and colour performances of glass systems in detail. The purpose of this research is to examine the monotonic effects of Ta2O5 on a set of glass samples and the resulting changes to colour concepts to better understand how to acquire these changes at their optimum level and make the most of the optimization possibilities available with Ta2O5. Accordingly, many optical properties such as Average Visible Transmittance (AVT), colour, Colour Render Index (CRI), Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) that change with Ta2O5 doping ratio in binary Zinc-Tellurite oxide glasses-based systems are examined and their potential to be used for effective optoelectronic applications are presented. With the addition of Ta2O5 into (25ZnO center dot 75TeO(2))y(Ta2O5)x (x = 0-7 mol% and y = 100-x mol%) glassy system, all optical and colour properties were improved significantly. The Ta2O5 contribution increases the AVT and changes the colour coordinates of the glass system along the Planckian locus curve from the yellow region to the D65 colour coordinates. In addition, a comprehensive analysis of 15 coloured samples is provided, focusing on the cases in which Ta2O5 enhances the CRIext value. An enrichment was observed for TCS07 and TCS14, and a value of 100 was obtained specifically for TCS09 with a 3% Ta2O5 contribution. It can be concluded that the Ta2O5 is a promising multi-functional tool for colour enhancement of ZnO-TeO2 binary glasses making them more suitable for daily applications as well as applications in advanced technological purposes.


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Tantalum(V) Oxide, Colour Render Index, Correlated Colour Temperature, Binary Glasses


Optical Materials

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