Smart co-delivery of plasmid DNA and doxorubicin using MCM-chitosan-PEG polymerization functionalized with MUC-1 aptamer against breast cancer

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This study introduces an innovative co-delivery approach using the MCM-co-polymerized nanosystem, integrating chitosan and polyethylene glycol, and targeted by the MUC-1 aptamer (MCM@CS@PEG-APT). This system enables simultaneous delivery of the GFP plasmid and doxorubicin (DOX). The synthesis of the nanosystem was thoroughly characterized at each step, including FTIR, XRD, BET, DLS, FE-SEM, and HRTEM analyses. The impact of individual polymers (chitosan and PEG) on payload retardation was compared to the co-polymerized MCM@CS@PEG conjugation. Furthermore, the DOX release mechanism was investigated using various kinetic models. The nanosystem's potential for delivering GFP plasmid and DOX separately and simultaneously was assessed through fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. The co-polymerized nanosystem exhibited superior payload entrapment (1:100 ratio of Plasmid:NPs) compared to separately polymer-coated counterparts (1:640 ratio of Plasmid:NPs). Besides, the presence of pH-sensitive chitosan creates a smart nanosystem for efficient DOX and GFP plasmid delivery into tumor cells, along with a Higuchi model pattern for drug release. Toxicity assessments against breast tumor cells also indicated reduced off-target effects compared to pure DOX, introducing it as a promising candidate for targeted cancer therapy. Cellular uptake findings demonstrated the nanosystem's ability to deliver GFP plasmid and DOX separately into MCF-7 cells, with rates of 32% and 98%, respectively. Flow cytometry results confirmed efficient co-delivery, with 42.7% of cells showing the presence of both GFP-plasmid and DOX, while 52.2% exclusively contained DOX. Overall, our study explores the co-delivery potential of the MCM@CS@PEG-APT nanosystem in breast cancer therapy. This system's ability to co-deliver multiple agents preciselyopens new avenues for targeted therapeutic strategies. © 2024 Isfahan university of meeical sciences


Anahtar Kelimeler

Breast Cancer, Drug Delivery, Gene Delivery, Smart Co-Delivery, Targeted Therapy


Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy

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