Reimagining global value chains in the face of extreme events and contexts: Recent insights and future research opportunities

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Over the last decades, businesses worldwide have witnessed the rise of global value chains (GVCs) as they and their competitors have been able to fine-slice their distinct value-creating activities. The emergence of GVCs has been accompanied by tremendous opportunities and challenges. In this vein, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the significant vulnerabilities of interconnected and interdependent GVCs. Our special issue and this editorial seek to better understand how GVCs can be reimagined in the face of extreme events and contexts, drawing on insights provided by the COVID-19 pandemic. In so doing, this Special Issue advances knowledge of the dynamic nature of GVCs and changes embedded in the design, structure, and management of GVCs in response to extreme events and contexts. As an introductory background, in this editorial, we summarize GVCs, explain recent developments in GVCs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlight the relevance of data analytics GVCs in view of the need for reimagining GVCs amidst extreme events and contexts. Moreover, we distill and synthesize the research this Special Issue encompasses and conclude by proposing new research directions, especially within the three major areas of GVC design and structure, data analytics and GVCs, and environmental and social sustainability of GVCs.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Big Data, Industry 4.0, Performance, Resilience, Governance, Challenges, Management, Networks, Firms


Journal of Business Research

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