Digoxin is Not Related to Mortality in Patients with Heart Failure: Results from the SELFIE-TR Registry

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AimsDigoxin has been used in the treatment for heart failure for centuries, but the role of this drug in the modern era is controversial. A particular concern is the recent observational findings suggesting an increase in all-cause mortality with digoxin, although such observations suffer from biased results since these studies usually do not provide adequate compensation for the severity of disease. Using a nationwide registry database, we aimed to investigate whether digoxin is associated with 1-year all-cause mortality in patients with heart failure irrespective of phenotype.MethodsA total of 1014 out of 1054 patients in the registry, of whom 110 patients were on digoxin, were included in the study. Multivariable adjustments were done and propensity scores were calculated for various prognostic indicators, including signs and symptoms of heart failure and functional capacity. Crude mortality, mortality adjusted for covariates, mortality in the propensity score-matched cohort, and Bayesian factors (BFs) were analyzed.ResultsCrude 1-year mortality rate did not differ between patients on and off digoxin (17.3% vs 20.1%, log-rank p = 0.46), and digoxin was not related to mortality following multivariable adjustment (hazard ratio 0.87, 95% confidence interval 0.539-1.402, p = 0.57). Similarly, all-cause mortality was similar in 220 propensity-score adjusted patients (17.3% vs 20.0%, log-rank p = 0.55). On Bayesian analyses, there was moderate to strong evidence suggesting a lack of difference between in unmatched cohort (BF10 0.091) and weak-to-moderate evidence in the matched cohort (BF10 0.296).ConclusionsIn this nationwide cohort, we did not find any evidence for an increased 1-year mortality in heart failure patients on digoxin.


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Clinical-Outcomes, Therapy, Association, Withdrawal


American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs

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