Comparison of Bipolar vascular sealing and conventional back-table dissection in terms of post-renal transplant drainage and back-table preparation times

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- OBJECTIVE: The usage of ves-sel sealing devices has been gaining popularity in all surgical specialties. Post-renal transplant drain placement is a common practice among transplant surgeons. However, prolonged drain-age accompanied by surgical wound complica-tions and perirenal fluid collections is a frequent complication experienced by the recipients. This study aimed to compare Bipolar vascular seal-ing with conventional back-table dissection in terms of post-renal transplant drainage dura-tion, amount, surgical wound complication, and back-table preparation time. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A double-blind clinical study randomizes recipients into 2 groups, using Bipolar vascular sealing (Group 1) and conventional ligation (Group 2) back -ta-ble dissection. Variables such as recipient age, gender, body mass index (BMI), cause of end -stage renal disease, amount and duration of sur-gical drainage, back-table time, and cold isch-emia time (CIT) were collected prospectively. RESULTS: Ninety-eight consecutive living do-nor (M/F: 69/29) renal transplant recipients were enrolled in this prospective randomized clini-cal trial. There were 49 patients in each group. The mean BMI was 26.76 & PLUSMN;4.57. There was no difference among the groups regarding recipi-ent age, BMI, total drainage, and surgical drain-age duration. The surgical site infection rate was not different between the two groups. Group 1 had significantly shorter back-table time, with mean back-table time being 15.26 & PLUSMN;2.51 minutes in Group 1 and 28.83 & PLUSMN;6.27 minutes in Group 2 (p<0.001). The CIT was also significantly differ-ent between the 2 groups (p<0.001). In Group 1, the recorded CIT was 43.3 & PLUSMN;11.4, and in Group 2, 57.1 & PLUSMN;13.3 minutes. CONCLUSIONS: The use of Bipolar vascular sealing to seal lymphatic vessels at the back -ta-ble is feasible, safe, and easy to perform. It also expedites the dissection and shortens the time required for back-table graft preparation.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Bipolar Vascular Sealing, Back-Table Preparation, Liv-Ing Donor Kidney Transplant, Drain, Collection


European Review For Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

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