The potential use of cold-pressed coconut oil by-product as an alternative source in the production of plant-based drink and plant-based low-fat ıce cream: the rheological, thermal, and sensory properties of plant-based ıce cream

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Since human health greatly depends on a healthy and risk-free social environment, it is very important to have a concept to focus on improving epidemiology capacity and potential along with economic perspectives as a very influential factor in the future of societies. Through responsible behavior during an epidemic crisis, the health system units can be utilized as a suitable platform for sustainable development. This study employs the Best-Worst Method (BWM) in order to develop a system for identifying and ranking health system units with un-derstanding the nature of the epidemic to help the World Health Organization (WHO) in recognizing the ca-pabilities of resilient health system units. The purpose of this study is to identify and prioritize the resilient health system units for dealing with Coronavirus. The statistical population includes 215 health system units in the world and the opinions of twenty medical experts are also utilized as an informative sample to localize the conceptual model of the study and answer the research questionnaires. The resilient health system units of the world are identified and prioritized based on the statistics of Total Cases, Total Recovered, Total Deaths, Active Cases, Serious, Total Tests and Day of Infection. The present descriptive cross-sectional study is conducted on Worldometer data of COVID-19 during the period of 17 July 2020 at 8:33 GMT. According to the results, the factors of Total Cases, Total Deaths, Serious, Active Cases, Total Recovered, Total Tests and Day of Infection are among the most effective ones, respectively, in order to have a successful and optimal performance during a crisis. The attention of health system units to the identified important factors can improve the performance of epidemiology system. The WHO should pay more attention to low-resilience health system units in terms of promoting the health culture in crisis management of common viruses. Considering the importance of providing health services as well as their significant effect on the efficiency of the world health system, especially in critical situations, resilience analysis with the possibility of comparison and ranking can be an important step to continuously improve the performance of health system units.


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Plant-Based Ice Cream, Low-Fat Ice Cream, Coconut By-Products, Fat Replacer



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Kasapoglu, M. Z., Sagdic, O., Avci, E., Tekin-Cakmak, Z. H., Karasu, S., & Turker, R. S. (2023). The Potential Use of Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil By-Product as an Alternative Source in the Production of Plant-Based Drink and Plant-Based Low-Fat Ice Cream: The Rheological, Thermal, and Sensory Properties of Plant-Based Ice Cream. Foods, 12(3), 650.