Mesoporous bioactive glasses in cancer diagnosis and therapy: stimuli-responsive, toxicity, immunogenicity, and clinical translation

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Cancer is one of the top life-threatening dangers to the human survival, accounting for over 10 million deaths per year. Bioactive glasses have developed dramatically since their discovery 50 years ago, with applications that include therapeutics as well as diagnostics. A new system within the bioactive glass family, mesoporous bioactive glasses (MBGs), has evolved into a multifunctional platform, thanks to MBGs easy-to-functionalize nature and tailorable textural properties-surface area, pore size, and pore volume. Although MBGs have yet to meet their potential in tumor treatment and imaging in practice, recently research has shed light on the distinguished MBGs capabilities as promising theranostic systems for cancer imaging and therapy. This review presents research progress in the field of MBG applications in cancer diagnosis and therapy, including synthesis of MBGs, mechanistic overview of MBGs application in tumor diagnosis and drug monitoring, applications of MBGs in cancer therapy ( particularly, targeted delivery and stimuli-responsive nanoplatforms), and immunological profile of MBG-based nanodevices in reference to the development of novel cancer therapeutics.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Cancer Therapy, Diagnosis, Gene and Drug Delivery, Immunotherapy, Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses, Toxicological Profile


Advanced Science

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Sharifi, E., Bigham, A., Yousefiasl, S., Trovato, M., Ghomi, M., Esmaeili, Y., Samadi, P., Zarrabi, A., Ashrafizadeh, M., Sharifi, S., Sartorius, R., Dabbagh Moghaddam, F., Maleki, A., Song, H., Agarwal, T., Maiti, T. K., Nikfarjam, N., Burvill, C., Mattoli, V., Raucci, M. G., … Makvandi, P. (2021). Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy: Stimuli-Responsive, Toxicity, Immunogenicity, and Clinical Translation. Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany), e2102678. Advance online publication.