Correlation Between Clinical and Histological Features of Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy: Analysis of 39 Lymph Nodes

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Background. Dermatopathic lymphadenopathy is a well-defined histopathological entity with an underestimated prevalence in the general population. Objective. The present study was conducted to analyze the characteristics of histologically diagnosed cases of dermatopathic lymphadenopathy at our unit. We also aimed to investigate any association between the clinical features of the patients and the histological findings. Methods. A total of 39 lymph node samples from 39 patients diagnosed with dermatopathic lymphadenopathy were included in this prospective cohort study. Results. Thirty-four (87%) patients had a dermatological disorder. The presence of paracortical eosinophils were significantly higher in patients with dermatological disorders (P = .001), while the presence of dilated sinuses was significantly more common in patients without a dermatological disorder (P = .035). The presence of dilated sinuses and medullary histiocytes were significantly more common in patients with lower body surface area involvement of the disease compared to the ones with a higher body surface area (P = .003, P = .034; respectively). Conclusion. Most of the patients included in the study had one of a broad spectrum of undiagnosed dermatological disorders. The clinical significance of the relation between histological and clinical findings in dermatopathic lymphadenopathy remains to be explained. Dermatopathic lymphadenopathy should always be considered in differential diagnoses of patients with persistent lymph node enlargement even when absolute dermatological disorders are not present. Since various skin disorders may be the cause of lymphadenopathy, performing a full-body examination before lymph node excision might prevent unneccessary procedures.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Cutaneous Disorders, Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy, Histology


International Journal of Surgical Pathology

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